Tikkun Olam


Teens serving dinner at the overflow shelter of Columbus House

Teens serving dinner at the overflow shelter of Columbus House

Tikkun Olam (healing the world), social action, and social justice are important values of the modern Reform movement and a priority at Temple Emanuel. TE’s Tikkun Olam Committee is working to strengthen inter-generational participation of our members in Tikkun Olam through a variety of activities.

PRIORITIES:  For 2014-15, we have identified these issues as our priorities:

  • Food security and feeding the hungry
  • The Environment and climate change
  • Interfaith programs
  • Mentoring children and youth

EVERYONE CAN PARTICIPATE!     TE members and friends of all ages are welcome to participate in all of TE’s Tikkun Olam activities.  We try to organize at least one Tikkun Olam activity every month.  To participate in any of these activities or to suggest another one of particular interest to you, please email TikkunOlam@TempleEmanuel-GNH.org.

CALENDAR OF ACTIVITIES for 2014-15:  [For details, see below]

September:  The People’s Climate March in New York City

October:  High Holy Day Food Drive

November:   Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen Interfaith Thanksgiving

December 14:  Hanukkah Baskets – Religious School

December:   Holiday Food Drive sponsored by the Shubert Theater.

December 12:   Speaker from CONECT (Congregations for a New Connecticut)

January:  TE’s Men’s group collects necessities for veterans who have been homeless and have recently secured housing

January 11:   Martin Luther King projects – Religious School

January 18:   Social Justice Shabbat Service

February 16-22:   Abraham’s Tent

March:   Food drive for Purim

March 12:   Blood drive coordinated by TE’s Men’s Group

April:  Food drive for Passover

More information about TE’s Tikkun Olam activities:

  • High Holy Days and other Jewish Holiday Food Drives help stock the shelves at the Jewish Family Service and the Orange Food Bank
  • Interfaith programs: TE families volunteer to contribute – turkeys, pies, driving, and monetary donations to the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen’s Thanksgiving project.
  • The Environment/Climate Change/Make TE Green: In constructing our new One Campus, we will take measures to keep it kind to the environment.
  • TE recycles!
  • The Community Soup Kitchen
  • Household supplies for veterans: In collaboration with Colombus House, TE’s men’s group will collect toiletries, kitchen and bathroom supplies to donate to veterans who were homeless and have now obtained housing.
  • Abraham’s Tent.  Co-sponsored by Columbus House and the Interfaith Cooperative Ministries, faith communities provide overnight shelter and meals for homeless men through the winter months.  TE volunteers partner with another local congregation to cook and eat dinner with the men for one week in the winter.
  • Cook and Care Walk-a-thon, a major fundraiser for Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers, FISH, the Community Soup Kitchen and DESK (the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen).  TE members of all ages participate in the walk.
  • TE members participate in the Social Justice Shabbat service on the Friday evening before the Martin Luther King holiday.
  • MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger.  For every fund-raising activity of the synagogue, 3% of net profits will be donated to MAZON [http://mazon.org].  MAZON distributes funds to millions of poor and hungry people throughout the world.  Members are also encouraged to donate a portion of the cost of life-cycle celebrations (bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, anniversaries, and other joyous occasions), a modern interpretation of the ancient rabbinical tradition of not allowing a celebration to begin until the community’s poor and hungry were seated and fed.

TE members join the Connecticut Food Bank Walk

Fifteen TE members joined the Walk Against Hunger on Sunday, May 17, 2015.  We started out in East Rock Park and walked together with marchers from a diverse range of religious congregations and non-profit organizations for 3 miles through the local neighborhood. TE’s team included members of all ages; we wore our new blue TE t-shirts, and we were proud when observers along the way exclaimed, “wow, that’s a big group!”  We raised about $ 1,000 which was donated to the Connecticut Food Bank.  We had a great time! more

Matt McDermott from CONECT, Sunday Dec 21 , 10AM

Matt McDermott, CONECT’s lead organizer, will return to TE  on Sunday, Dec 21st at 10 am, to engage in a deeper conversation about Tikkun Olam with TE members, following his very engaging talk at TE on Friday, Dec 12. CONECT (Congregations Organized for a New Connecticut) is a non-partisan, multi-faith organization of 27 congregations in Southern CT that through building grass-roots relational culture fosters a powerful civic moral voice to affect change in the areas of social and economic justice and for the common good. more

High Holy Days Food Drive results are in!

We divided the food we collected into two equivalent piles and both places picked up the food during the week following Sukkot. Apparently JFS weighs the donated food and said we gave them a whopping 931 pounds.  That means that we collected a total of close to a ton of food this year!  JFS calculates that the food we gave them is the equivalent of 665 meals and estimates that value to be worth $1,545.  While, of course, we should all be very proud of this mitzvah, let’s not lose sight of the fact that the need is very, very real, […] more

TE JOINS THE PEOPLE’S CLIMATE MARCH Sunday, September 21 in New York City.

On September 21, 2014, heads of state from around the world met at the United Nations in New York to discuss climate change. TE members joined some 400,000 people from businesses, unions, faith groups, schools, social justice groups, and environmental groups in the People’s Climate March in New York City to demonstrate our belief that the world we want is within our reach: a world safe from the ravages of climate change. more

TE & the 38th Annual 2014 Greater New Haven Walk Against Hunger

The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) called upon area synagogues to send teams to the 38th Annual 2014 Greater New Haven Walk Against Hunger on Sunday, May 4 in East Rock Park, New Haven. TE members answered the call and joined folks from many congregations from the greater New Haven area to amplify what we all do as individual congregations to help those in need around us.  Walk Against Hunger events are a non-competitive 2.5 to 3 mile walk.  Participants enjoy the camaraderie, the exercise in the outdoors, and the sense of solidarity with others who share a concern about feeding the hungry […] more

TE social action – in action!

Twelve intrepid TE members spent part of a Sunday afternoon meandering around the St. Ronan’s St. and East Rock neighborhoods in New Haven enjoying a lovely fall day (and each others’ company) as participants of the annual Cook and Care Walk-a-thon. TE members have supported the Walk-a-thon for many years. Proceeds from the Walk-a-thon support four programs for the hungry: FISH, Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen, the Community Soup Kitchen and Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers. This intergenerational/interfaith event happens every October; please consider joining us in 2015. more

TE’s SACS Supports Youth Literacy in our Sister City, León, Nicaragua

Following on the 2009 Temple Emanuel delegation to New Haven’s Sister City of León, Nicaragua, TE members continue to support our Sister City and its youth reading group.  This project involves teenagers in the rural village of Goyena, a community that was created on the outskirts of León for people who lost their homes due to the destruction of Hurricane Mitch in 1998.   Reading is not a common activity in this community, but this group of youth has become enthusiastic readers! more