Preparatory work has begun!

imageWelcome to the Temple Emanuel OneCampus Blog! We will give timely updates on progress toward creating our new building addition, renovating our current sanctuary building, and creating our new TE home.
As you may know, last week a pipe burst in the attic above the building entryway. Drywall, ceilings, electric and water will need to be rebuilt. Progress in the first few days: our contractor has completed initial clean up of the hallway, closets and bathrooms. We are down to studs (see picture). Temporary walls and ceilings and electric will be completed this week to allow us to use the building. More permanent changes will be coordinated with the new construction.

Construction plans for the new addition are complete. The construction contract is signed and work is progressing. A large maple tree on the site of new construction has been removed, with select portions saved for future furniture and keepsake slices. Temple Emanuel is nostalgic – – and we want to keep contact with our past!
Next the septic and grease trap will be relocated/replaced. Pat Panza of Panza Enterprises is coordinating the new work with the restoration made necessary by the damage due to water/freeze. Foundation work to IMG_4027follow.

Financial Picture
OneCampus is projected to cost between $525,000 and $550,000. Our plan is to raise sufficient funds to pay for this, without needing to take a mortgage. Our efforts have been encouraging.
To date, synagogue members have contributed $257,400. In addition,  members have pledged another $178,000. Thus if all pledges come in, we have secured $435,400 to date from our community. In addition, the New Haven Jewish Foundation has pledged a matching grant of $75,000, bringing that total to $510,400!!
Thus, if all pledges are honored, we need to raise an additional $14,600 – $39,600. To come across our finish line, we are hoping that every synagogue family will participate, and contribute what you can. So many of our community have been so generous – really a wonderful showing, so we do hope everybody will catch the excitement.
One other important effort: Rise Siegel and Rita Brieger are leading a drive to support the new Rabbi’s Study construction, to honor our former loved and respected Rabbi, Jerry Brieger. We are trying to find and contact more than 500 former students of Rabbi Brieger – – to make a contribution to the Rabbi Gerald Brieger Study. An anonymous donor has offered a matching grant of $3,600 toward this effort. Please help us – – if you have contact information for your children, grandchildren, friends who studied with Rabbi Brieger – – both children and adults – -please pass this contact information to Rise or Rita. We plan a special ceremony to open the study, and a plaque acknowledging all who contribute.
So please: if you have not made a pledge for OneCampus, please send a check or pledge to the Temple Emanuel office. Please send contact information for Rabbi Brieger’s former students (adults and children) to Rise or Rita. And Catch the Excitement – – OneCampus takes us to our future!

digging for septic

drying the rooms

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