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One Campus plans

As Temple Emanuel embarks on our most ambitious project in over two decades – creating One Campus and bringing all of TE community under one roof – we will attempt to report the progress on this blog. We hope to post regularly, so do check this page to see how we are progressing!

Shabbat Under the Stars and annual BBQ – Friday, Sept 11 starting at 4:30 pm.

Join us at Temple Emanuel on Friday, September 11 for our annual barbecue picnic and Shabbat Under the Stars! The festivities start at 4:30 pm with kids’ activities, 5:00 pm cookout, and 6:30 p.m. Shabbat Under the Stars service, followed by an Oneg in the Social Hall. We will also be unveiling the new education and administrative wing by affixing a mezuza to the door just before the Shabbat service. This is a great annual event for all TE members, family and friends – so please spread the word and invite your friends and neighbors to join us for this […] more

July 31, 2015


July 30th update

The building continues to take shape, and every day brings more and more excitement! The carpets, the floor tiles and the lights have been installed throughout, the bathrooms and cloak room have been painted and the education office is beginning to take shape too! more

July 16 update

The walls have been primed and are in the process of being painted! more

The doors have arrived! July 9 update.


June 26 update

The drywall is complete, commencing the taping! more

June 25 update – soundproofing done!


June 22 – Gas line installed!


The walkway installed, new HVAC is in place!


June 9 update

The gutters have been installed, and all the preparations were made for concrete walkway installation.                               more

May 26 update


Siding going up!

Siding is slowly going up this week, but more importantly there’s been a lot of development on the inside! The old glass doors have been removed between the lobby and the addition, the wall between the old bride’s room and the new office was also removed, a second door into the women’s bathroom was closed to allow for a new wall for the coat room, and the glass window panes have been removed from the wall between the sanctuary and the addition, and used to replace the two panes in social hall that have ‘clouded up’ over the years. more

Check out this week’s progress!

Most of the outside work has been completed and some of our trees and bushes have been lovingly re-planted! more

The windows are going in!


The roof has shingles (and yes, we have a roof!)


Frame is going up!

1.      Exterior walls and interior partitions have been installed 2.      Trusses are delivered 3.     Trusses to be installed tomorrow. 4.    Roofing is scheduled for Thursday 5.      rubber roof EDPM is to follow next week. 6.     Window delivery for the balance on Thursday 7.      Windows install on Monday or Tuesday.   more

Concrete slab has been poured!

The weather has finally allowed the preparations for the concrete slab to be completed – and the slab has now been poured! more

Almost ready for the slab!

Currently backfilling foundations and prepping for slab pour. Update on Schedule: Foundation , stone under slab are ready for slab pour, now scheduled for next Wednesday or the following Monday depending on weather. Roof trusses and lumber have been ordered and released for delivery to ship. more

The work continues!

Panza and Rise’ Meeting with Gas Co. today at 11:30 at site to discuss natural gas service. Wed, Thurs, Fri:  bring in material and prep for floor slab and column base pour, hopefully pour concrete by end of week weather permitting.   more

Ground Breaking Ceremony, March 10, 2015

 A brief ground breaking ceremony was held on March 10, 2015, to officially mark the start of construction of the new addition. Rabbi Farbman welcomed the assembled congregants and friends with the words of Psalm 118 and spoke about the importance of sanctifying the moments of transition in Judaism, pointing out that we had to step over the threshold of the wonderful TE sanctuary building to break the ground on the new addition. President of TE, Dr. Melissa Perkal offered the words of thanks to the team that made the day possible: to Bruce Spiewak for his overall overseeing of […] more

Framing for footings – and progress


Grading is under way for the addition!

                                    Rough walls with sheet rock. The bathrooms are usable!         more

Preparatory work has begun!

Welcome to the Temple Emanuel OneCampus Blog! We will give timely updates on progress toward creating our new building addition, renovating our current sanctuary building, and creating our new TE home. As you may know, last week a pipe burst in the attic above the building entryway. Drywall, ceilings, electric and water will need to be rebuilt. Progress in the first few days: our contractor has completed initial clean up of the hallway, closets and bathrooms. We are down to studs (see picture). Temporary walls and ceilings and electric will be completed this week to allow us to use the […] more

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