High Holy Days Food Drive results are in!

food drive 2014 (2) food drive 2014We divided the food we collected into two equivalent piles and both places picked up the food during the week following Sukkot. Apparently JFS weighs the donated food and said we gave them a whopping 931 pounds.  That means that we collected a total of close to a ton of food this year!  JFS calculates that the food we gave them is the equivalent of 665 meals and estimates that value to be worth $1,545.  While, of course, we should all be very proud of this mitzvah, let’s not lose sight of the fact that the need is very, very real, with many people in our own communities living food-insecure lives and on the financial edge.  Many choose between buying medicine and buying food or between paying their rent and buying food.  In fact, JFS estimates that they distribute close to 6,000 pounds (3 tons) of food to the needy each month.  While they are greatly appreciative of what we gave them, more is needed.  With that in mind, we’re now considering multiple food drives throughout the year.  You’ll hear more from us as the details are worked out.
Thank you,
Will Sherman

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