Education at Temple Emanuel

Coping with Death and Dying – Panel with TE members and discussion facilitated by Chaplains Lisa Irish and Sarah Blum, Yale-New Haven Hospital, Saint Raphael Campus

Coping with Death and Dying – Panel with TE members and discussion facilitated by Chaplain Lisa Irish, Bereavement Coordinator, Yale-New Haven Hospital, Saint Raphael Campus and Chaplain Sarah Blum. Sunday, March 30th, 2014. Bagels @ 9:45 am, talk 10:15 – 11:45 am How do we accompany our friends, family and fellow congregants in difficult moments, such as serious/terminal illness or end-of-life? How do we care for ourselves as we seek to care for those we love? Chaplain Lisa Irish, MEd, MA, BCC and Chaplain N. Sarah Blum, MS, DMINc, NAJC, both from Yale-New Haven Hospital, St Raphael campus will present […] more

Temple Emanuel Scholar-in-Residence Feb. 28-Mar. 2, 2014 “Jewish Recipes for Holiness in the 21st Century”

Jewish Recipes for Holiness in the 21st Century Temple Emanuel Scholar-in-Residence Feb. 28-Mar. 2, 2014 All of us are seeking meaning for our lives as we rush through our busy weeks and packed schedules. We want to cultivate wonder and creativity in our children and we would like to be part of a larger community that nurtures these values, reminds us of ways to seek holiness in our lives and reach out to others in holy relationships of care and concern. How can Judaism play a centring thread in our search for meaning? How can we cultivate these dispositions in our children for a lifelong experiencing of wonder and creativity? How can […] more

Adult Education series – Saturday, Jan. 11, 3-4:30 PM: Humanity and Ethnicity

  Our Adult Education programs this year revolve around the theme of Exploring Our Jewish Identity. Events include a Speaker Series, a Scholar in Residence, and Shabbat Afternoon Conversations.  TE members and friends are invited to attend any and all of these events. Saturday, Jan. 11,  3-4:30 PM:  Humanity and Ethnicity Our relationship to others who are not part of the Jewish people. How does a sense of particularism relate to the universal themes and teachings of Judaism? Coordinators:  Peter Stolzman & Jean Silk.  At the home of Chris and Monte Radler more

Weekly Torah study at Temple Emanuel – starting Sept 28 at 10:30 am

The Torah is the Tree of Life, the Blueprint for humanity. A most revered book in Judaism. It’s stories are among the best known world over, and yet if you try to read the Torah as a book, from beginning to end, you might find yourself easily confused by the narrative.  For centuries the Jewish people have engaged with the words of Torah every week, one small portion at a time. Studied the narrative, searched for interpretation and deeper understanding of the lessons it teachers us. One generation after the other our ancestors added commentaries to the Torah text, often […] more

Adult Education at TE!

Learning opportunities aren’t just for kids at TE! There is a warm, welcoming learning community for adults too.  Multiple educational opportunities with the Rabbi are available for adults including weekly Torah study on Shabbat mornings, Basic Judaism class on Sundays, and continued Jewish education class on Thursdays.  There are numerous special lectures and learning sessions which occur throughout the year, including an annual interfaith scholar-in-residence program with our neighboring houses of worship. Individual opportunities exist for adult b’nai mitzvah, for learning Hebrew and Torah trope. more