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Yerushalaim shel zahav: Jerusalem of gold…


Every year that I have served Temple Emanuel, my summer begins in a similar way: I find myself sitting in a chair in the faculty residence at Camp Eisner, writing the Shofar article for the summer edition. Every year I strive to have it all finished before I go to camp, but alas this little ritual persists, despite my best efforts and the gentle encouragement from Caryn and Jen, our wonderful Shofar editor and designer (who do a phenomenal job every single time – we are so lucky and so blessed to have their energy and talents!). Well, this year […] more

Counting the Omer…

shavuot a

There is no doubt that the Jewish calendar is designed in a way that can easily confuse just about anyone! I was always absolutely certain of that! J What, with the new year in September (or thereabout – only proving the original statement!) and Chanukah and Passover that fall all over the place… no one can ever figure it out! I recently asked my Christian colleagues at our local interfaith clergy gathering why the Western and the Orthodox churches sometimes celebrate Easter together and sometimes weeks apart. The answer totally blew me away – because of the Jewish calendar! As […] more

Spring is in the air…

full cast Purim

Spring is in the air; the month of Adar is here – and it can only mean one thing: Purim is coming! Got your costumes? Ready to party? We got big plans on Sunday morning (March 12), so bring your family and friends! However, Purim is not just for children at TE – the Saturday night (March 11) adult Purim party should be great fun too! And once we are done with Purim, Pesach is just around the corner – with all the excitement of spring cleaning and cooking and, of course, the Seders and family time. Our annual 2nd […] more

A Strong Community

TE hat and shirt

Community is an interesting word. I encounter it in many different places, and often I find myself feeling that the word is overused, if not misused. A quick search provides the following two main descriptions for community: 1) a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common, and 2) a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. The Talmud (Sanhedrin 17b) provides a list of 10 things it considers essential for the proper Jewish life to happen: a court empowered to punish the guilty; a […] more

Shalom, chaver…

Jerry Brieger

עֲשֵׂה לְךָ רַב, וּקְנֵה לְךָ חָבֵר Aseh lekha rav, u’kneh lechah chaver… Pirkei Avot 1:6 Make for yourself a mentor (rabbi), acquire for yourself a friend… This rabbinic dictum directs each of us to build the relationships that go both horizontally and vertically. When Mishnah urges us to ‘acquire a friend,’ it suggests that we need people to share our lives with, the good and the bad, those who support us, and those who need our love and encouragement in return. But it opens with ‘aseh lechah rav’ – find yourself a rabbi, a mentor, a teacher – someone to […] more

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