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Why belong? If you are reading this, I am probably already “preaching to the choir” as they say. Belonging to a synagogue community allows an individual to be enfolded in a group that is ready to celebrate and honor life cycle events together. It is a place where some of our “longings” can be met: spirituality, knowledge, music, food and friends—a Jewish home. Psychology research finds that individuals who have a sense of belonging to a larger community have improved motivation, health, and happiness compared with those who don’t. There is great comfort in knowing that one is not alone […] more

Gratitude, Again

Melissa portrait

I haven’t mentioned Mussar practice in months….it seems like it is time to begin again. Repetition is one of the essential parts of this practice. You must identify traits you want to work on and then revisit them again and again. Although I am always grateful to TE, the end of the year seems like a wonderful time to thank all of the TE community for their willingness to participate, give-back, pay forward, lead, follow and belong to an extraordinary group of people. If we include holiday services, Religious School events, social events and fund raisers, we have had something […] more

Joy Abounds


Spring is a time of growth, celebrations, graduations, and special recognition. By the time this Shofar reaches you, the spring flowers will be in their last beautiful display and TE will be in the middle of its’ b’nai mitzvah season. We have had the joyous celebrations of the Feuerstein and Ariker families thus far and look forward to the simchas of the Aferzon’s, Rivkin’s, Shanbrom’s, Aviad’s, Sauberman’s, and Boyd’s families in May and June. We will need to wait until October to celebrate with the Fried-Green family.  Check out the special information on each of these young adults in this […] more


Ground Breaking March 10, 2015

Judaism is wonderful at celebrating life cycle events and marking the passage of time. By the time you are reading this column, the House will have finally been taken down and the area filled in and graded. Yes, this project ran into a few road-bumps but it is finally done. So, (drumroll) this officially ends the “One Campus” campaign!! First, a huge thank-you to all the individuals who worked so hard to make it happen. This was no small task: from thinkers to donors to doers, the entire community pulled together to make it happen. But now where do we […] more

The Board is Never Bored


One of my favorite jobs as President is to work with our Board and encourage conversations that help TE move forward. The Board’s responsibility is to oversee TE’s strategic and financial policy, develop funds for the organization, and advocate for the organization.  I thought I would share many of the significant issues that have been discussed and the decisions that have been made by the Board over the last year. Please use this as a springboard to ask me or the Board questions. It seems amazing that it was only December 2014 that the Board listened to the bids of […] more

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