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Mussar and TE


Now, I am neither a Rabbi nor a scholar but I do try to think (contrary to what you may have heard about surgeons). A path suggested by our recent Scholar in Residence, Rabbi  Marcia Plumb struck a familiar chord in me. She discussed how Mussar teachings can be used to create a sense of wholeness in one’s life. Very, briefly the Mussar movement centered in Lithuania during the mid 1800’s and was led by Rabbi Yisrael Salanter. Much was lost during the Holocaust, but it has become a thriving movement in recent years.  Mussar teachers have sought to help […] more

THE PRESIDENT’S COLUMN (Hearth, home, humanity, health, happiness)

Bruce Spiewak

The month of December carries many seasonal images for those of us living in Connecticut.  Thanksgiving has passed and so, this year, has Chanukah!  (That’s a little hard to accept!)  I hope that you had a chance to share some holiday festivities with family and friends, from near and far.  The warmth and glow that emanates from such gatherings can keep our hearts and souls warm for months to come. We are definitely into the Winter season, and the weather has changed to bring us freezing temperature.  A  blanket of snow is more and more likely to decorate the earth. […] more

President’s Column (Fortified by great support!)

Bruce Spiewak

By Bruce Spiewak, Temple Emanuel President October, 2013 Since my last column, the Temple Emanuel Community has begun the New Year of 5774 with incredible participation and cooperation in the preparation and carrying out of the High Holiday events, which crept up quickly after the summer hiatus. As I write this column we have received our new TE Calendars and Yahrtzeit Listings, and have also successfully put together our Sukkah, which we will have populated for the Sukkot Service by the time you read this. We had a very successful BBQ, with attendance by new and longer term members. The enthusiasm and welcoming spirit exhibited […] more

President’s Column (Maybe short, but well braced)

Bruce Spiewak

Summer, 2013 By Bruce Spiewak, Temple Emanuel President This is a combined summer column / edition of the Shofar, so we need to consolidate space a little.   (That’s the excuse for a shorter than normal column!) It has been about a year since I began serving our Congregation as President and I have some important observations to share: We have been making progress on the goals set out for the Board to address issues of Membership, Finance and Governance.  This involves many efforts including: the new Fair Share Dues Structure, the Bylaws changes to allow a Second Vice President and […] more

President’s Column (Repair, Renew, Restore, Reconstruct, Reconsider, Review, Revise, Reevaluate)

Bruce Spiewak

 Definition:  “REPAIR. The reconstruction or renewal of any part of an existing building for the purpose of its maintenance.”  This is a technical definition as it applies to buildings under the CT State Building Code. Tikkun olam (Hebrew: (תיקון עולם or תקון עולם‎) is a Hebrew phrase that means “repairing the world” (or “healing the world”) which suggests humanity’s shared responsibility to heal, repair and transform the world. In Judaism, the concept of tikkun olam originated in the early rabbinic period. The concept was given new meanings in the kabbalah of the medieval period and has come to possess further […] more

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